M,F8ss,125 iso400,50 mm

I think the composition was good I really captured my subjects well

I think I edited them pretty well they where a bit dark and I made them a little more bright.

I would try to get more pictures and try and shoot in better lighting  because when I shot them they where dark so it took more editing to make them bright.

No I do not they where nice pictures but I definitely don’t think they belong on the homepage.

my collage

The flags that I put up represents the countries that I like and who I will go for in this upcoming world cup. The players that in my collage are my favorite players like the one in yellow is Haaland my idol and the two players above the Mexico flag is  Javier Hernández and Alexis Vega and next to Mexico flag is the Argentina and the people close to the flag is my old idol is Messi and the guy on top his name is Di Maria. The Norway flag has my idol again Haaland and the guy on top his name is Martin Ødegaard. The guy next to Alexis Vega is my third favorite rapper 21 savage. The Spooky scary Sunday is from CoryxKenshin